Bug Reports

Bug reports may be submitted at Larceny's GitHub site or by email to larceny@ccs.neu.edu.

Lists of all submitted bugs are also available.

Known Bugs in Larceny

Some of the more important bugs that have been discovered in Larceny v1.3 "Grain Alcohol and Rainwater" include:

On Windows, native Larceny always returns zero as its exit code. not yet fixed

Bugs fixed in Larceny v1.3

Some of the more important bugs in v0.99 that have been fixed in v1.3 include:

Larceny v0.99 is incompatible with macOS Sierra fixed in v1.3
compile-stale can report a spurious error fixed in v1.3
compile-stale runs in R6RS mode and enforces R6RS syntax fixed in v1.3
Larceny rejects some valid library names fixed in v1.3
Larceny imposes some R6RS restrictions on R7RS programs fixed in v1.3
program, primitives should not be reserved words fixed in v1.3
eval allows assignments to imported primitives fixed in v1.3
R7RS/R6RS libraries that are defined in the same file with a program that imports them can be invoked more than once fixed in v1.3
compile-stale-libraries often recompiles files unnecessarily fixed in v1.3

Enhancements added in Larceny v1.3

Some of the more important improvements added in v1.3 include:

Larceny now supports all libraries of R7RS Red Edition done in v1.3
Larceny now supports SRFI 122, 135, 136, 137, 138, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 151, and 152 done in v1.3
Larceny's command-line options have been revised, simplifying common combinations and adding several new options while preserving backward compatibility done in v1.3
A new -r7strict option gives higher priority to R7RS conformance than to backward compatibility with R6RS and R5RS done in v1.3

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Last updated 6 August 2017.