Larceny is a simple and efficient implementation of the Scheme programming language. Created originally as a test vehicle for research on garbage collection and compiler optimizations, Larceny has grown into a major multiplatform system. Larceny supports the four most important standards for Scheme: IEEE/ANSI, R5RS, R6RS, and R7RS. Development of Larceny has been supported by NSF, Sun Microsystems, and Microsoft.

Varieties of Larceny

Two different code generators serve as the basis for two different varieties of Larceny:

  1. Larceny compiles directly to native machine code for the Intel IA32 (x86, x64) architecture.
  2. Petit Larceny is a portable implementation that compiles to C instead of machine code.


Version 0.98 "General Ripper" is now available for downloading:

  • Larceny for Intel IA32 (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X with Intel processors)
  • Petit Larceny (prebuilt for Linux with Intel processors; can be built from source for most Unix systems)

Version 0.98b2 "General Ripper" (prebuilt for Linux/ARMv7l) is available for beta testing of a new ARM backend.